FemBloc Permanent Contraceptive System*

Designed to permanently block a woman's fallopian tubes in a simple, cost-effective, and convenient in-office procedure. FemBloc utilizes standard catheter techniques and a degradable biomaterial to block the tubes without the use of permanent implants.

• Requires PMA approval


FemVue Saline-Air Device

Allows for an infertility diagnosis of a woman's fallopian tubes in the gynecologist's office using existing ultrasound. FemVue expands services with a more cost-effective and convenient procedure.

• 510(k) cleared, CE marked for the E.U., Canada licensed, Japan registered

• Distributed in the U.S. by Smith & Nephew and in Japan by Bayer Healthcare.


FemChec mini Pressure Management Device

Ensures low pressure is maintained during the confirmation test for blocked fallopian tubes after permanent sterilization, providing confidence for this essential U.S. mandated test.

• 510(k) cleared and CE marked for the E.U.


FemCerv Endocervical Sampler

Minimizes the risk of incomplete sampling of the endocervical canal and optimizes diagnostic acuity by collecting a complete 360° sample for cancer diagnosis.

• 510(k) cleared and CE marked for the E.U.


FemaSeed Insemination Catheter *

Designed to direct sperm to each fallopian tube where conception occurs to possibly improve pregnancy rates.

• 510(k) clearance and CE mark pending



*FemaSeed and FemBloc are currently not approved for sale in the U.S.